Winter is definitely here! Who is keen to exchange his glass of fresh white Chardonnay against a fantastic hot chocolate cup? …Me!
To share with family, friends and with your kids (that’s something you can’t do with the Chardonnay!), it can be served for breakfast or tea time. In winter, any occasion is great to have a good hot chocolate cup.

Highlight of the recipe: it so easy that it can be made by kiddies themselves (under parental watching obviously)

Here our recipe tested and approved for 4 cups :


– 50 cl full fat milk
– 150 g black chocolate 70%
– 20 g cream


1. In a pot, pour the milk and the cream.
2. Bring it to boil.
3. Meanwhile, crush the chocolate into pieces in another pot.
4. Finally pour the milk-cream mixture over the chocolate.
5. Mix with a wooden spoon.

Required: extra marshmallows!

If you tested this recipe, please share your picture using #misstees

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