I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one who’s a complete procrastinator… and costumes are no exception!

I love holidays and themes, but even so I am always scrambling at the last minute. Halloween is one of my favorite. There are so many opportunities for crafting and creativity. In this post, our fellow procrastinators can get some quick and easy last minute ideas for halloween costumes!

1. The pumkin baby carrier

For those who want participate even with baba, we got a solution.
Wear your best baby carrier and cover it with a pumpkin costume (we found this exact one in China Town for R60)
You can also opt for a fabric option with some black tape.
The little +: the mini orange sleepers make all the difference.

2. Cutty cupcake

As simple as that.
Who doesn’t have at home an old lampshade and a baby blanket?
Put cleverly both together and that’s it!

This little girl looks as cute as a real cupcake 😉

3. Crawling baby spider

Halloween + rain + baby still crawling at 18 months + baboon spider everywhere = ta-da!
In a completely different style, this baby spider costume looks very easy to make.
Black onesie and legging (easy to find at Pick N Pay clothes or Pep’s shop), 2 large black socks from daddy or big brother dressing, add it some stitching marks and baba will have his first Halloween!

4. Lego toddler

Here we are huge lego’ fans. so when we saw this costume, we had to put it in our list.
What to use?
– a box that your kiddo will fit in
– small plastic cups (I used plain yoghurts from Woolworth)
– glue
– spray paint

I think you don’t need much more instructions 😉

5. Lumberjack costume

Well, it’s Halloween, so at one point we need to be scared…
This Lumberjack costume is so easy to create.
You can easily find foam axe in China Town or any Chinese shop.

6. Minions

Yellow tee (Damn we don’t have this in our kiddy’ collection! :D)
Blue denim overalls
Black boots
And if you don’t have the hat, you can easily create your own. There is tones of DIY on Pinterest.

7. ET and Elliot

Ok maybe the kids don’t get it, but you as parents and especially if you have this plush at home, you’ll get some smile around you on the Trick or Treat way.
So easy to do!

8. Dancing Ghost

Personally, I am not a master of the sewing machine and love when I can simply glue costume fabrics together to create a much easier version with the same effect as a pro-sewer. Probably the most easy and cute costume that we can find.
White onesie + white tulle skirt (if you have girls, no need to tell you where to find this!)
Glue for fabric
Black Craft paper (available at CNA)

9. Little bandit costume

Perfect for the younger ones, who can’t (and won’t) handle the fuss of more complicated costumes. To make it even easier, buy a black beanie and white bag instead of making them. To make it more fun, paint a Styrofoam ball black and attach it to the pants with a black paper chain.

10. Last but not least the mix and match pumkin

The tricky part here I must admit it’s to find a matching orange top in your wardrobe….

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