We already talked about procrastination on our last blog post, if you’re reading these lines, you should recognize yourself as I did when writing them!

Since my firstborn is big enough advent calendar is one of my favourite festive tradition! But even if I’m the best mum ever (yes I am!), it’s always a last-minute, late-night, project organisation.
Here a list of 5 handmade, easy and last minute advent calendar (you have 4 days!)

1. Paper Bags

No need to comment on this one, as simple as that. The minimalist vibe gives it all its charm.
The most difficult part will be to find small stuff to fill it.

2. White paper

Even more simple. take some A4 sheet in your home printer, use is as wrapping paper and accessorize it with some garden leaves or branches from the garden. That’s it!

3. Muffin pan

A cost effect way of creating something special, using items in the home.

4. Kitchen roll tubes

If you are like me, you probably have somewhere in your house a drawer full of those that you put n the side, thinking that one day you’ll do a creative activity with your little. That’s the perfect moment to use it!

5. Toilet paper tubes

A slightly variant from the kitchen roll tube 😉

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